Medieval Dungeon
The Grotto
The Class Room
Examination Room
Cross-Dressing Room
Victorian Boudoir
The Class Room

Enter and step back in time. Notice the cool, pale green walls, the stark lighting, institutional clock, pencil sharpener, blackboard, waste paper basket, the black metal teacher's desk and the corner where one sometimes has to stand. Do your eyes drift inexorably over to the row of punishment implements neatly hanging from hooks on the wall?

It brings back the dread of humbling chastisement by a strict teacher in severe attire, nylons and high heels, with cleavage that makes your heart throb. If she catches you staring it means the paddle, the strap, or even a good caning!!!

The QTVR animation to the below is only a mild sample of what's in store...
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Drag your mouse clockwise over the image to view the chamber.... Zoom in and out.

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