Lady J Inner Circle
Lady J

I am Lady J, a recent transplant from Nova Scotia, where I was deeply rooted in the BDSM community, in a pivotal leadership role. I was instrumental in creating (and maintaining) a thriving social scene, facilitating educational seminars and workshops, and was highly regarded as a spokesperson for the community ­ quoted by the press and featured in magazines and on TV. I managed to amass a loyal following of friends, protégés, and devotees, both as a lifestyle and professional Domina. I am here embarking on a new adventure, excited by new possibilities and challenges.

I was drawn to the intensity of Female Dominance from the very start. I established my reputation the old-fashioned way: I took the time to earn it. I made a conscious and valuable decision, years ago, not to "rush into things"; and took time to learn from a number of gifted mentors with different areas of expertise. I wanted to absorb as much as I could, and become proficient, so that I would be able to guide others along the right path.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I continue to seek out new experiences and learn new techniques. I therefore do not take the SM world lightly: it is not just a pastime, but my chosen lifestyle.

I have been described as a "Victorian hand in a modern leather glove." I am very orderly, firm, and strict (when needed), but always compassionate and fair. In keeping with Victorian tradition, my beloved canes are always right at hand, and my style of Domination is suitably proper, composed, and exacting. Like the strict Dominas of lore, I am thoroughly sadistic - while scrupulously respecting your limits, of course. Yet, I also like to think of myself as the perfect blend of "Old World meeting New," as I combine the traditional English arts with a contemporary sensibility and a love for the latest Fetish attire in leather, latex, and PVC.

I am very fond and extremely proud of my personal collection of boots, gloves and corsets; which afford me the luxury of choosing the ideal accessory for each and every adventure.

I am proficient, and love to engage in:
  • All forms of Bondage:
    • Ropes, Chains, Handcuffs and Leg Irons
    • Leather Restraints
    • Cuffs and Collars
    • Harnesses, Straps and Binders
    • Body Bags
    • Mummification
    • Predicament Bondage
    • Caging, Boxing and Closeting
  • Whipping, Flagellation and Corporal Punishment:
    • Single-Tail whips
    • Floggers and Quirts
    • Riding Crops and Canes
    • Tawse and Straps
    • Paddles and Brushes
  • Fire Play and Fire Cupping (One of the country¹s most respected specialists!)
  • Electrical Torture:
    • Violet Wand
    • Medical Stimulation ("TENS")
    • Antique Medical Devices
  • Piercings and Temporary Markings:
    • Needles and Blades
    • Cell Popping
  • Sensory Deprivation:
    • Hoods and Gas Masks
    • Blindfolds and Gags
    • Breath Control
  • Feminization and Maid Training:
    • Maid and Domestic Service Training
    • Complete Transformation and Lady Training
    • Make-Up Application Instruction
    • Shopping Trips and Outings
  • Costumes, Masks and Role-Play Scenarios:
    • Teacher/Student
    • Pony Boy and Pony Girl Training
    • Puppy Training
    • Humiliation Scenes
    • Medical Scenes
  • Prolonged and Extended Sessions:
    • Kidnapping and "Hostage Taking" Scenarios
    • Military Interrogation
    • Ritual Scenarios
    • Travel and Event Companion Situations (By Special Arrangement)
  • Objectification
    • Rubber Doll Transformation
    • Human Furniture Transformation
  • Shoe and Boot Worship

I have become much sought-after for crafting sessions with great care and attention to detail. I am willing to consider exploring any of your desires, interests or fantasies. I am patient and understanding with novice players, and have a talent for mentoring individuals and couples. Besides knowledge and experience, I bring an open, curious mind, a direct sincerity, and genuine compassion.

"Our time together, is our time. I wish to ensure that every moment spent with you will be passionate, enjoyable and memorable!"

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