Ms. Nadja von Sade Inner Circle
Ms. Nadja von Sade

Kneel before your Tormentress Confessor. Submit to a Domina who delights in decadence, desire, debauchery, who revels in the most sublime of the pleasures of the flesh.

I know what I want and what I expect from a subject.  I am feminine, muscular, well educated and sophisticated. Classical Sado-masochism, fetishistic scenarios and extreme, bizarre fantasies are My forte, particularly those involving My diabolical creativity and imagination.

I thrive on the spectrum of BD/Ds/Sm/fetish play, including (but not restricted to):
  • bondage, introductory to inescapable;
  • discipline, in its many manifestations;
  • corporal punishment, mild to extreme, with attention to technique (including but not restricted to: crops, straps, paddles, quirts, canes, floggers, whips and My notoriously heavy handŠand I leave marks only if they are specifically requested);
  • cock and ball torture;
  • nipple play;
  • slave training;
  • medical scenes (including but not restricted to: play piercing, scrotal inflation, cutting, enemata, urethral dilation, cupping and so forth);
  • watersports;
  • electrotorture and electrical play (including remote control);
  • sensory deprivation (including breath control);
  • fire play and temperature torment;
  • role-play scenarios (I especially enjoy the unique ones);
  • dildo training;
  • feminization;
  • foot worship;
  • wrestling (if you are familiar with My 2 title belts, do not expect similar as I do not have access to a local ring but I still enjoy the occasional spar with a randy challenger);
  • behaviour modification (particularly over a period of time);
  • imaginative outings (whether a discreet dinner or a carefully constructed encounter- also discreet);
  • customized scenes (whether including your partner or alternate females, males, or trans);
  • shows (you can be captive or free to walk around whilst watching);
If I havenšt included it, do not be shy to approach Me about your fantasy; I absolutely thrive on the new, unique, strange, challenging, perverse, nefarious and bizarre.

I take great pride in My exquisite and stylish fetish wardrobe, replete with high-heeled exotic footwear, leather, exotic lingerie and hosiery, corsetry, uniforms, formalwear, business attire, latex, pvc, and the unexpected.  If the situation requires Me to present Myself in a public arena however, I am always absolutely discreet in My attire.

No matter how diabolical your urges may be, or what level of experience you possess, your psychosexual submission will be My pleasure. Safety and sensuality are paramount.

Do try to behave.