Head Mistress Patricia Marsh Inner Circle
Head Mistress
Patricia Marsh

Surrender yourself to my power, my diabolical imagination and my passion for absolute domination, both mental and physical.

I am both a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, and for over a quarter of a century I have enjoyed a life of decadence, indulging my darkest fantasies and helping countless others do the same. Over the years I have introduced scores of nervous neophytes to their first positive experience and left an indelible mark on their psyches. I have also been a guiding force for many Dominas and something of an icon in the scene, consistently upholding the principles of safe, sane, and consensual play.

Naturally, as a lifestyle Mistress, I am interested primarily in meeting my own hedonistic needs, but as a professional I get more satisfaction out of meeting the client's needs and bringing their fantasy worlds to life (within my own personal parameters, of course - I don't engage in unsafe or unduly intimate play). I take pride in crafting an experience that is engaging, full of surprises and discoveries, enriching and at times cathartic.

I believe that S/M is a form of giving and receiving love. I believe that in power exchange both people are empowered. I respect and admire the courage that it takes to submit to another's will, whatever point you are at in your journey.

I am intuitive, sensitive and creative. I will find what makes you tick and then play you like an instrument or even a whole orchestra. I am spontaneous and unpredictable, combining strict sadism with warmth and sensuality, and like to keep you in a state of fear and arousal. I am extremely physical and love to touch - touching with instruments, implements, objects and my hands. I enjoy sensory deprivation and sensation play. I tend to change and alternate soft caresses and pain. At the same time, I can be playful. I make a point of enjoying myself - at your expense. I like using My bare feet, sometimes lightly, sometimes not: stepping on faces; prodding balls with my toes and crushing them under my heel. I like to slap faces and slap bodies all over with my hands. I like to scratch lightly with my long fingernails, before I dig them in. I like punching, pinching nipples, squeezing balls, pulling hair, and spitting. Giving a good hard over the knee spanking, paddling or strapping is so exhilarating. But so is flogging - and caning is so very delightfully exciting. Then there's watersports - so primal - playing with needles and electro-torture - those are all fun too. I mustn't forget tickle-torture - that's always good for a laugh.

I love mind games, playing with anticipation and fear; expectation and denial; and an element of surprise. I love to tease and withhold; and use these techniques all the time. I enjoy using your fetish to control you: making you pay homage to my stiletto heel, for example, polishing my latex leggings with your tongue, and other things far more degrading. I enjoy using bondage to keep you vulnerable, in a constant state of anticipation. It arouses me to humiliate you and expose your weaknesses. I enjoy exhibitionism, public humiliation scenes, outrageous cross-dressing transformations, and violation scenes.

I love the smell and feel of leather and latex. I love the way I look in my spectacular custom designed fetish wardrobe. I enjoy being worshipped and adored.

I enjoy ritual and all kinds of role play I am particularly fond of administering formal & severe corporal punishment I thrive on intense play with heavy masochists who want to be truly challenged: playing on the edge and keeping you there, teasing tormenting & torturing you for a very long time ...

Many people are surprised that I still enjoy showing novices the ropes, and playing on the lighter end of the spectrum. I find it can be refreshing and exciting, like baby's first step, and it helps keeps me in check. I love women and welcome the opportunity to play with them either topping - or collaborating. I also find it a rare treat to join couples in their own scene dynamic because of the special bond between them. I am always looking for exceptional lifestyle slaves to add to my stable.

I encourage extended sessions from several hours to several days - it opens up so many amazing possibilities.

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