We offer In-house sessions, Domination Outcalls, Telephone consultations, Telephone sessions, E-mail training, Dungeon rentals, Tours and consultations.

In-house Sessions:
We are located in downtown Toronto and are open daily from 10:30 AM to 1:30 AM. Telephone us at 416 963-9871 to make an appointment.Click here for more information.

Domination Outcalls:
When you prefer not to leave the comfort of your own home or hotel, we bring the 'toy bag' and join you. You can rely on both our discretion and inventiveness.

Telephone Consultation:
This is your opportunity to ask questions and discuss at length your needs, fetishes, and fantasies, and what might take place in a session.

ON YOUR KNEES, slave!!!
Call Me immediately
for your phone training!!!

I will Dominate you NOW.
(416) 963-9871

Telephone Sessions:
No notice is required but sessions are subject to availability. You could even CALL THIS VERY MOMENT!!! The Mistress really lays it on the line right over the phone and in the privacy of your own home!!!

If possible you will be appropriately attired (in a sexy, feminine manner or completely naked and collared). Kneel on the floor with Mistress' photo in front of you as well as props and toys Mistress might wish to have you use. Be innovative. Use clothes pins, phone cords, laces, candles, vegetable dildoes (carrots, cucumbers, etc.), oil (olive is best), or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Flexibility on your part makes all the difference. $75.00 + taxes for up to 20 minutes. No notice is required; subject to availability of Mistresses.

Email Training:
Customized E-Mail Domination for the nervous novice or those who are too far away to call. Let Mistress control you through your computer. Download the questionnaire and send it to the address below. The price of this service is $100.00 in certified funds. What are you waiting for slave?

Dungeon Rentals:
Couples and small groups are invited. Price: $100 per hour. A Mistress or Master are available to assist you for an additional $100 per hour.

Tours & Consultations:
We invite adventurous couples and individuals, from novices to experienced players, to benefit from our experience and expertise. Satisfy your curiousity without committing to a session. Meet the Mistress on Duty. Visit the Chambers and view the equipment. Ask any questions. Discuss your particular interests and what a session could include. This can take up to an hour. If you decide to immediately embark on a session, the $100 fee will be deducted from the session price.

Contact us by e-mail or phone to find out how to arrange payment for any of these services.