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Designing your Session:

Initially, we encourage you to complete our questionnaire, which can be downloaded and sent ahead of time by email or snail mail, or brought with you to your session.

Your fantasy needs and inclinations will be discussed with the Mistress and taken into account. Clear communication between Mistress and slave is very important. Please be sure to express your desires, concerns, limits, and any medical problems.

We also encourage your feedback at any time after a session. You are encouraged to email Mistress Patricia Marsh at patriciamarsh@patriciamarsh.com with any comments or suggestions you may have and She will pass on or cover this information as you wish.

Note that e-mail may also be used for general inquiries about our services, but if you wish to book a session, you should phone us at 416-963-9871 to ensure an immediate response.

The following activities are like the ingredients that can go into a recipe, in light to liberal doses, separately or in combinations.

Fantasy Role Play:
As the name implies, this involves play-acting any role you may fantasize. It can involve submissive personae such as: student, maid/servant, prisoner, slave, animal, slut, novice, etc. with their Dominant counterparts e.g. Governess, Seductress, Teacher, Officer, Disciplinarian, Trainer, Mistress, Goddess, Queen, Witch, Bitch. We have the setting, costumes, props, and music and will create the appropriate script.

This can be done for humiliation or glorification; breaking a taboo as a demonstration of the Mistress' control or as a means of genuinely getting in touch with the female within you and allowing it to blossom under our guidance.

Fetish Play:
Be it leather, latex, PVC, silk, satin, stilettos, boots, corsets, makeup, gloves, toes, hands, bums, whatever; we use your fetish to take you there.

Be it rope, leather straps or chains, secure and comfortable or getting turned into a human pretzel and pushed to your limits. Extended bondage becomes increasingly more uncomfortable or arousing. Being tied up with another submissive is either heaven or hell...

Various purposes: Punishment/correction, slave training, demonstration of Dominance and submission, rites of passage for spiritual growth, stress release.
Methods: Over the knee hand/hairbrush spanking, paddling, strapping, hand strapping, 'English style' caning, bastinado, flagellation and switching on most muscular and fleshy body parts.

S/M can be defined as the joy of giving and receiving pain. When done with expertise, it causes the mixing of pain and pleasure - a state of ecstasy. In addition to all of the activities described under discipline, the methods used can include scratching, biting, pinching, slapping, the application of clamps, hot wax, electrodevices, weights, and needles. All done safely and within your limits.

Body Worship:
A high honour which is sometimes granted, but always under strict direction and at the discretion of each particular Mistress. Shoes, boots, leather and latex covered areas and skin where permitted. You can always dream....

Verbal abuse, forced degrading behaviour for the amusement of the Mistress and her friends. Can include exhibitionism. How low can we make you go?

Strut your stuff: one on one, with our Inner Circle, at private parties, or all the way out in public displays of slavery and slutdom. Always under the guidance and protection of your Mistress. We dare you.