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Session Protocol:


We wish to provide a safe, hygienic, and supportive environment for you to explore BDSM, fantasies, and fetishes. Please understand that we do not provide sexual services.

At the beginning of your session you will be interviewed and provided with a questionnaire, which will allow you to describe your fetish interests, experience, limits, and any medical conditions.

Present your Mistress with a squeaky clean body from head to toe, inside and out. We encourage the use of mouthwash, deodorant, and foot powder and discourage the use of cologne and aftershave.

We respect your limits. Therefore, we use colour-coded safe words, as follows:
  • YELLOW means: "Ease up, I am approaching my limits."
  • RED means: "Stop, I have approached my limits."
  • When gagged, GRUNT THREE TIMES, QUICKLY AND LOUDLY, for it to be removed.
Since, ultimately, we are after a pleasurable experience and do not wish to give you more than you can assimilate, we encourage you to use sounds and body language and to verbalize feelings so that we can stay tuned in and react appropriately without needing the safe words. (Sounds can cover a range from the subtlest sighs, whimpers, and groans, to oohs and ahs, yelps, and screams - expressing both pleasure and pain). We request to be informed of any problem, discomfort or distraction. In order to receive the full benefit of the experience, try to maintain a receptive, open mind-set, and stay focused on the present.

After your session, we welcome verbal feedback and ask, if possible, that you fill out the feedback section of your questionnaire. Fulfilling your fetish needs is an ongoing process and requires trust, communication, and time and your comments will be valuable in future sessions.

Sessions can involve a number of different dynamics, and not all clients identify themselves as slaves or submissives, but for those who do, we insist on the following slave protocol: You are expected to display proper courtesy and the respect due to someone of higher rank, and to respond verbally each and every time you are spoken to. You are forbidden to do anything without instructions or permission. If you have questions, you may ask permission to speak. Unless told otherwise, we do allow you to compliment the Mistress freely. We also allow you to beg and grovel for mercy or favors, which are at our discretion.