Bizarre Bazaar
Patricia Marsh Video Productions

The Care and Keeping of Personal Slaves
by world renowned Lifestyle and Pro Dominatrix
Mistress Patricia Marsh B.D., S.M., D.S.

Patricia Marsh's Care and Keeping of Personal Slaves The Care and Keeping of Personal Slaves WARNING: Strictly Adults Only:
This tape contains explicit bondage and sadomasochistic activity.

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Hot Wax Torture
Total Submission
Goddess Worship
Tit Kissing
Pussy Worship
Pussy Worship


See first hand what it is like to be the plaything and personal property of a powerful demanding and sexy Mistress. Be a fly on the wall inside the decadent inner sanctum as three dominant goddesses indulge their hedonistic appetites.

Mesmerizing scenarios include paddling, whipping, tickle torture, sensual teasing and torment, CBT, TT, hot wax play and electro-torture.

VHS/DVD (Feature)

Female Domination
Pseudo Instructional
Mistress Patricia Marsh
Mistress Xaura
Mistress Evangeline
sub eva

Running Time
50+ minutes
VHS Price (US Dollars) $49.95
DVD Price (US Dollars) $59.95

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"Entertaining, educational, enlightening, exotic, sexy, intense..."
- Better Homes & Dungeons